We are Raw, we create brands and products for traditional industries and young tech companies. fast, really fast


Our deep understanding of design and function is combined with our knowledge of art, and intertwined by an invisible thread into a brand identity.



Together with Cohesion we created a profound brand strategy and bought it to life with pixel-perfect visuals.In 14 days we created a brand strategy & positioning, a complete brand book that includes a new logo design, typography system, color palette, messaging, and brand icons.



As always, we enjoyed the interesting experience that accompanies the pleasure of creating a brand for a business that is located overseas – this time, in London.



Mycolivia is a major player in the field of research and development of medicinal mushroom-based dietary supplements in Israel and around the world. Our creative director Gali helped Mycolivia with a brand identity and package design, In collaboration with FoxGorenGiladi.



We teamed up with Sornd to create a brand new website with an intuitive user journey for potential users and customers.


Yam sailing is a well-known family business specializing in skipper courses and sailing trips around the middle east.
We had the honor to design Yam's stunning website, and even go on a magical ride on one of Yam's yachts :)


Keepy is an AI SaaS retention solution that uses existing company metadata from development systems to create a clear unbiased picture of the state of teams, enabling them to focus and act on worrying trends affecting teams and assessing change over time.
We had the honor to design Keepy's stunning website.

We Help businesses bring their competitive positioning to life. we mold their day-to-day needs into visual identity and intuitive, functional and seamless web interfaces & Apps.

Brand Design

We create solid workflows in a fast and iterative process to solve creative challenges. If you too feel that you want to skip endless meetings, losing focus, and losing valuable time you’ve come to the right place!

Our process

Product Design

We believe in creating small and effective deliverables and have them tested quickly by real users. Our process consists of learning about your company and products, and building a user centered structure which is

Our process

Some of our clients

Some words we asked our clients to say about us

The Raws are pro’s and won’t let anything less than perfect leave their office! Their hearts are invested in the project.

David Muskal. Merck
Business development manager

Raw is the best choice if you want to spend less time on cumbersome and long processes and more time on getting the job done and focus on business.

Dvir Paravi. Keepy

The team at Raw is really business oriented. They don't "just design", they understand the value of delivering something "correct" and not just amazing.

Yuval Gerber. Massivit
Application development manager

We've done a few projects together and they will always be my "go-to" for branding and product projects. I really like their communication style and attitude.

Yair Shema Kedmi. WeCheck
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